Download manager and `background-image`

I am trying to download the images from a webpage. I’ve tried multiple Follow links settings in Options, “In subdirectories” and “Two levels” etc. But it seems like every icon etc are downloaded but not the page. And when viewing the source I can see that all the images are not img src but using background-image: url("https://PATH.jpg").

Is there a way at also download background images?

site: visuelle(dot)co(dot)uk/youthforiauniversal-favourite/

What’s the URL of the webpage? Or could you please post a snippet of its HTML code? Thanks!

site url is at the end of the post just replace (dot) with .

I can’t post urls.

Sorry, I didn’t immediately notice this :laughing: However, this website uses CSS to specify the background images and this is not yet supported. Basically only the HTML code and some inline CSS attributes of HTML tags are parsed currently.