Download Manager Attempts Download but Files Fail to Appear in Downloads Group


I’m archiving some video files directly into DT3.
The links are on a web site that sends me to an authenticated video server.
No problems with passwords. It seems to remember my login and use it just fine.
I tell Download Manager to download 60 something at a time and it tries.
However, when I check the download group in the DT3 database, it shows 45 or 52 etc.
It always misses a few even though the Download Manager window shows complete.
I want to rerun just the ones that fail and be able to identify them without doing a file by file check between my Group showing a count of 45, for example, and the Download Manager that shows 62.


  1. What is the proper hotkey for DT3 to add the link under the mouse cursor to Download Manager? I’m using KM but I think there might be a better way than what I show below
  2. How can I know a download completed in Download Manager but wasn’t written to the DT3 database? I need to organize a few thousand links without errors. So I need a better solution than checking every link.
  3. How can I reset the counter at the bottom of the Download Manager?
  4. Is there a way to adjust the font for Download Manager? I found this window, but it doesn’t help.
  5. Is there a way to pin the Downloads Manager to the top so that it doesn’t become hidden behind other DT3 windows?

Here’s my slow but sure method of making this work (just for reference, no need to read…)

I’ve had to deactivate the option “Automatically purge queue” to understand more about what is happening. Otherwise, the links just disapper from Download Manager after finishing, but I never see the files appear in the database.

So these are my settings:
I am using the download to a specific database (not the folder) as you can see.


  1. hover over link 1
  2. right-clicks
  3. choose Add Link to Downloads
  4. Hits enter

For me, steps 2-4 are automated as hover over link and hit ctrl+option+f

This allows me to quickly add a page of 60 something links to Download Manager.
However, I have to then make a pass through all the downloads to see that they actually ran.
I first check the count of the database group against the Download Manager. If it’s wrong (and it always seems to be) I go through and check the boxes on the Download Manager and right-click and hit retry for each one that failed to save…

Option-clicking can be used to easily add links to the download manager.

Disabling the option to automatically purge the queue and also checking the Log window should be sufficient.

None of this is currently possible.

My log window is always empty. No errors. The download says done (visually) in Download Manager, nothing in the log, but also nothing in the group. Is there a way to turn on more verbose logging?

Does the option clicking work with multiple DT3 windows open? I’ve seen it work, but soon after it stops working and beeps or does nothing (I’ve had both situations). I may need to be directed to keyboard troubleshooting shortcuts in general on OSx, because I’ve tried giving hotkeys to DT3 function using System Preferences on OSx and sometimes they appear, sometimes not.

Did you disable automatic purging of the queue, did the queue contain any errors?

The number doesn’t matter, only what’s currently under the mouse pointer.

Yes, exactly. This is how I verify the downloads.
All of them complete. They show a progress bar. They finish. They show the size of the export.
Then it moves to the next one.
I did deactivate the purging of the queue so that I can retry.
In some cases I have to run the retry more than once.
Haven’t had any that fail completely. But the log is always empty and the Download Manager shows no errors, per se…

What’s the URL of these downloads?

I can’t share. I’m under NDA. But there are no 404 errors or login problems. The download works after a retry or two…

What I can show is this:

So you can see it is able to find the files and download them and identify the size.
But this batch had 8/60 fail to write into the database.
So I have to use the checkboxes and tag which were successful and then use the retry option
Log is always empty:

Not a big deal. I will just go through by hand.
I was hoping I could

  1. make the text larger
  2. find a consistent hot key (I’ll try to figure out why alt+click isn’t working for me all the time)
  3. have a log message written if there was a failure
  4. keep the DM on top

I’ll get by with what I understand about the product.
As a comparison. Free Download Manager works for these flawlessly, but I was hoping DT3 would be able to download, keeping the URLs as reference for me and put things into the database in a structure that makes sense to me.

If you find a way the code could possibly mess up a successful download and not get it saved into the group, perhaps that will be helpful… I would almost like to see the DM message in the log (success for URL xyz) and then another message (written to database folder xyz)… or not… because that’s where it seems to fail…

Do you use any smart rules that might affect the downloads?

I don’t believe so. I tend to currate things by hand.
That said, I am trying to learn the product so as I go through tutorials perhaps I have activated something I should not have. However, in this case, why, if I am simply clicking on retry, does the file get saved eventually right in the download folder?
Can’t be a smart rule, right?
Unless they behave randomly like these downloads, that is…

You could temporarily disable the actions of all smart rules via the contextual menu of the sidebar, does this make a difference?

Can you show me an example of how to do this?
This database for these videos is brand new, so it has nothing added to it
I may have rules activated in another database, but this one is clean as can be.

Select all your smart rules in the sidebar, then choose Disable Actions in the contextual menu.

Okay, I see… Done…

I’ll let you know if the next set of downloads goes better.

Thank you.

Nope. 8/15 files showed up in the downloads folder (database group).
It missed almost 50% of the files there.

Tell you what, let me see if I can record a video showing you what’s happening.
I’ll use the multiple simultaneous downloads to keep the video short and I’ll blur the portion of the image that contains the filenames.

Keep in mind that I’m color blind, so if you guys are doing something with colors to tell me that the downloads have failed, that’s useless for me… I need it to be in text or symbols.

Anyhow, let me see what I can do to show you a better example of what I’m experiencing…

The download manager doesn’t use colors. Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

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This is a video of what I am experiencing.
I sent the logs.
Thank you for looking.

Ok. So I will switch to using the download to folder method because it works perfectly and seems much faster. Easy enough to keep a finder window up in addition to DT3 and the download window and then just cmd+drag files to move them into DT3 from finder and import them into the DT3 database. I don’t seem to lose any info (i.e. the URLs are there for reference).

I’ll leave the video above in case somebody else experiences the same problem and perhaps there is another way it can be resolved.

Are the downloads folder and the database located on the same volume? Or is the database an encrypted one?

Same volume, yes. I created a folder inside the folder where I keep my DT3 database (to be sure I try to reproduce something that is equivalent for I/O purposes).

The database is not encrypted. The drive encryption is the only protection…