Download Manager - how to download text from subpages


I don’t get it. I want to download this page
with all the pages, that are linked on this page. I thought it would be correct to check the options of the Download Manager to text and rtf only, but when I drag the link to the DM it downloads an index.html of this page with all the jpgs (webarchivish), but nothing beyond it. When I set DM to “subdirectory complet” (?) (it’s “Unterverzeichnis komplett” in german) DM downloads different folders with gifs und css-, js-files, but no page beyond whatsoever. I am lost. What do I have to configure to get all the pages WITHOUT all that jpg stuff (it’s only the words I need)?

Best regards and thanks for any hints, Christian

DTPro 1.5.4 and OS X 10.5.8

Uhm, didn’t I explain the problem properly or does no one use the download manager the way I want to use it?

Can someone please try to download the stuff? And tell me, how it worked?

Many thanks in advance, Christain

I’ve always been befuddled by download manager, which is why I’ll recommend you look at using Site Sucker (donationware), which always does just what I want it to do. I realize that’s not what you asked, but it’s another approach.

By the way, your spec was “all the pages that are linked to this page”. With the direct links and their decendants, that is a very large number (I quit when there were 40,000 pages queued).

Hello korm,

thank you so much for your reply. I will try Site Sucker. Is it possible to download the first webpage and all pages that are only one layer beyond?

Best regards, Christian

Edit: Yes it does :smiley: says the manual: “Get All Files on Subdomains - SiteSucker limits the download to those files within the second-level domain and all subdomains of the original file being downloaded.”