Download Manager Popup

This is a first for me. A Download Manager popup appeared when I opened DT3 this morning. I haven’t seen this before and although I’m thinking it’s probably okay to start the download I thought it best to check here first.

Can someone put my mind at ease regarding this?


Were you browsing in DEVONthink and clicked a download link?

If I recall correctly, DEVONthink opened as a result of my sending a document to the app. Now if I close DEVONthink the download window closes and opens when I reopen DEVONthink.

The window is automatically opened if the download queue is not empty. But the only action that automatically adds downloads to the queue is to view a web page (e.g. a bookmark or web archive) which sends “download” responses.

Things are also added to the Download Manager if you Option-click a link in DEVONthink.

Thank you, @cgrunenberg & @BLUEFROG

Neither of you seemed too concerned, so I went ahead and downloaded the two files. No smoke emanating from my MacBook Pro yet, so I think I’m fine.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Removing the items from the download manager would have been another possibility.

That didn’t even enter my thought process. I’ll keep that in mind if it ever happens again.