Download Manager shortcut

Is there any way to use a keyboard shortcut or otherwise automate adding a link to the Download Manager?

Since the Clip to PDF function doesn’t work reliably, I find myself frequently saving a PDF to my disk, then opening it with DT3—a bit of a hassle when doing it frequently. I then realized that using the Download Manager saved a step—but I still have to manually copy the link in Safari, go to DT3 and select Window, then Download Manager.

I’d love a shortcut to simply select a link, then add it to the Download Manager. Would that be a Service I would create? Or some kind of script?

Thanks in advance to those more knowledgeable!

What kind of link actually? One inside a web page? Or a selected bookmark inside a database?

Can you clarify this?

Thanks, guys—you’re amazing!

I meant a link on a webpage or even in a browser—I’ll be able to open a PDF in a Safari tab, but then struggle to easily import it to DevonThink.

I can use the Print dialogue “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3” but that paginates it into 8.5" x 11" format, which isn’t always ideal. I can “Save As…” from the Safari menu to my Downloads folder, then open with DT3—but it gets a bit tedious for something I do so often.

My issue with the Web Clipper using “PDF (Paginated)” is that it often doesn’t actually clip the full PDF—just part of the first page with black underneath. I recall your support telling me this was an issue with Apple’s “PDFkit” or something like that.

For an example, opening this link…

And clipping to PDF (Paginated), ends up importing this file to DT3 (with a screenshot:

(no title).pdf (848.0 KB)

The nice thing about the Download Manager is that it doesn’t create a file or paginate it, but simply downloads the linked file.

I did add a keyboard shortcut to open the Download Manager, so that’s a bit of an improvement.

I was just hoping there was a way to select a pdf’s http link, then use a single keyboard shortcut to add it to DevonTHINK’s Download Manager and begin the download—that would be amazing!

I so appreciate your help, as always!

Hi there, I download the pdf with the web clipper as paginated pdf without any problem.

The same link that I just posted? That’s so odd…

Yes, right from your post above into my safari and then to DT

That’s so odd—mine keeps ending up with the file with a black bar at the bottom. I’m quite sure I had this issue before and was told that it was an issue with Apple’s pdf kit (or something like that) and that DT couldn’t fix the issue…

When I try to clip it to PDF (Paginated) on my MacBook, it’s also a single page that’s screwed-up—but somewhat differently (see attached).

What could be going on that’s affecting both my computers?

And why does it download perfectly when I enter the url in Download Manager, but not when I use the Web Clipper—are those totally different processes?

https— (413.6 KB)

Maybe I do not understand correctly your question but have you tried to save the pdf from Safari in the Inbox (Save or Save the linked document as… then select Inbox in the locations panel)?