Download Markdown: Page requires JavaScript

I was collecting URLs about developing Apps, using different programming languagages and so on …

As those can not easily be managed in Safari, I finally moved them to a new DEVONthink database, opened all folders, selected everything and used “convert to MarkDown”.

The idea was to push those MarkDown files to Roam or Obsidian to develop a knowledge network.

Sadly, many many files just contain this:

# This page requires JavaScript.

Please turn on JavaScript in your browser and refresh the page to view its content.

This, or some other multi-lingual hints.

Is there no way that DEVONthink could just use and convert the data that is available in Safari itself?

With some extension that uses Safari - incl. the required login data - to just get the content and then convert it to MarkDown or PDF or whatever.

Just asking, as this would be fantastic to collect data.

We had a similar topic about DTTG where I was used to convert a webpage with Safari first before exporting to DTTG. Otherwise, the data often was different or missing content.

Only clipping a web page does but converting bookmarks can’t. As usual the URL of such a page would be useful.


Sad thing, would be great to start Safari from and for such an URL and then get the “finished” content back into DT.

About the websites, there are numerous … for example:

If you captured a web archive then converted that to Markdown, you could get the text of the document but the images wouldn’t be included. It would also take some cleanup.


I was just trying to make better use of my Safari bookmarked URLs.
I tend to collect them in Safari …