Download On Demand

New to DTTG.
I have limited space on my ipad. I set up a database added files clicked on Download on demand, added files but DTTG seems to store the database and files on my ipad.

What am i doing wrong?


How can you tell that it “seems” to store the database and files “on my ipad”? Screen shot would be useful for those who know more about how to assist.

I added a set number of files that i knew what size they were.
I checked my ipad storeage of DTTG before and after adding these files.
My ipad storeage for DTTG increased by the size of the files I added.

I’ve moved this to the DTTG section of the forum.

From your post, I’m not sure what you are doing. It sounds to me like you are only using DTTG rather than syncing with DT - is that right?

The database will always be stored on your iPad - so the structure and metadata will be there. Files which are synced from elsewhere to a sync store will only be downloaded to the iPad as you request them if Download on Demand is on. Files which you add to DTTG from the iPad itself will also be stored in the database on the iPad. You can either manually or automatically purge files in the DTTG database; again assuming you are using a sync store. More on that in the EVERYTHING OR JUST THE METADATA section of the DTTG handbook.

I only have DTTG. I only used the ipad.
How can i get the files off my ipad into the cloud so i can download when i need them?



You will need to set up a sync store (see the sync section of the handbook). Be aware that sync is not backup; if you are not keeping your files on your iPad nor actually syncing with another device you will have no backup of your files.

Great thanks>
How do i now delete the files from my ipad?

And how do i download them when needed?

Do you mean from your iPad or do you mean from DTTG? And do you mean delete or do you mean purge (ie move to the sync store)?

That happens automatically when you select a file in the database.

So: read the section on sync in the handbook. Read the section on “Everything or just the metadata” in the handbook. If you are left with questions after that, come back here with the specifics.

Yes i mean move the files from my ipad DTTG storage so they don’t take up space on my ipad.
is that purging?
The files were added to DTTG from an external drive initially and are not stored anywhere on my ipad except in DTTG

Yes, that is purging. That is described in the aforementioned sections of the handbook :slight_smile: