Download or search mediawiki content from Devonthink?

Putting this out, is there a way to download a smaller mediawiki (not Wikipedia, that’s huge!) for Devonthink as database content via DevonThink? Or APIs to query directly a MediaWiki from Devonthink as search results? Has anyone done something similar with smaller wiki databases? As those change this would be an ongoing effort to update the contents as well.

None that I’m aware of (and I am not a big wiki guy, so not a ton of help), but a search may prove useful.

I did a search here and on Google but so far no good points. Might be I need to use an XML MediaWiki exporter and clean up the data in a format suitable for import into Devonthink as text resources. It also depends if the MediaWiki, in this case, will allow the exporters to run.

Now, MediaWikis have a standard query REST API so having a search feature in Devonthink that combines internal and external resources might be something interesting for some of us.