"download URL"

Hi there,

I am new to DT and trying to find my way around here.

In your AppleScript dictionary there’s a command named download URL, that returns any.

Is that even the right place to start when I want to use the body of the reponse, say as the content of a new record?

Any hints very much appreciated!


Welcome to the family :smiley:

If you’re looking to create a record with the HTML content, you’d be looking at download markup from.

Jim, thank you :slight_smile:

Works like a charm:

set theMarkDownUrl to "http://heckyesmarkdown.com/go/?read=1&md=1&u=" & (my encodeText:theUrl)
set theContent to download markup from theMarkDownUrl
set theRecord to create record with {type:markdown, content:theContent} in theGroup


You’re welcome. Well done. :smiley: