Downloaded DevonAgentExpress opens improperly & unusably

Downloaded DevonAgentExpress to iMac on 8/23/18. I am current on all system updates. Licesnse code: S6S7-FF0x-11B7ES7-B636-73xF

It is unresponsive upon being opened and cannot be forced to quit (doesnt apper in the program menu bar at the top of the screen or in Forcequit window.) (Tried contacting you via Email support: but got no answer/acknowledgement.) Unable to move program to trash in order to reinstall becasue the program says it’s open

Was ONLY able to stop the program by running cocktail with computer restart. But after deleting the program from Applications, downloading again and recopying the program from downloads to the applications folder, it still won’t start properly. I haven’t had this program with other DEVON programs.

We’ve received your email from our vendor and will reply by email.