Downloaded latest update, my Sync settings are all gone


I recently updated my Devonthink Pro Office. It seems to be version 2.9, don’t know if you need more detail or “builds” or anything.

Anyway, after I updated I can no longer sync from the “File” menu nor when I right clicked on the database. I checked preferences and there seems to be a new interface, or at least a new design, and all my settings have disappeared.

Do I now have to set them all up again from scratch?

I am running two Macs, a mini and a Mac Book, both running system 10.11.5.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Matthew White

Please read the built-in Help under the section Taking your data with you, as well as this blog announcement: … safe-sync/

I apologize if I missed something. But I didn’t see anything in either of those documents that directly answers my question, although I suspect they imply that the answer is “Yes, I do have to completely set up my sync settings from scratch.”

Is that correct?

Again, if I missed something, I humbly apologize and welcome the correction.

Yes, you need to set them up again from scratch. There is no migration of the old settings. Sorry for the confusion.

Not the answer I was hoping for, but it helps.

Thanks you,