Downloading cached items in DTTG

I have not been able to download items that are cached even when I am connected to a sync location. I suspect that I am misusing terminology so I’ll note the following:

  1. my app is configured to keep 1000 items

  2. I’ve got 2 sync locations configured and both are enabled. One is to a Dropbox location and the second “not being used in this example” which is configured over bonjour.

  3. I’m attaching two screen shots to show the problem I’m encountering:


Is the Mac (assuming that Bonjour connects to a Mac) running and are the databases opened?

thank you for your reply. I’ve tested two scenarios:

  1. enable the bonjour sync location over a local network ( dropbox sync disabled).
    • download of cached item succeeds
  2. repeat #1 with the dropbox location enabled as well
    • download of cached item succeeds
  3. disable the bonjour location in #2
    • download of cached item fails

so I will rephrase my question. Has it ever been possible to download cached items from a dropbox sync location? Being able to pull from the cloud is a very nice capability which I think I’ve been able to use in the past.

Yes, downloading from any sync store should be possible if the content is available in the sync store. Do you use a Mac too? Are all of the files available on the Mac or does a toolbar search for ìtem:pending in DEVONthink 3 return any items?

I just wanted to round at this thread in case it is useful to other folks. First of all, thanks for the tip about item:pending. One item was returned from this query which helped point me in a better direction. Here is what I learned. I have 2 sync locations, a bonjour location, and a dropbox location. Both sync the same set of databases but I generally only keep one location enabled at a time. The problem I encountered was that I was trying to download a cached object using the bonjour location when I was out of range. When I enabled the dropbox location the download was possible.

Thanks for the additional details!