Downloading PDF found via DA

Hi all,
I made a custom search set to find specific PDF around about 50 websites. Good - this works, now I have a bunch of hits in DA and want to download all the PDF associated with each hit and avoiding to go to every single hit and download the PDF manually to DT. Is there a way to get all the PDF at once?

Are the search results PDF documents or web pages linking to PDF documents?

Every page has (at least) one link to a PDF. I figured out a way to get the PDFs: Select all ant then store as PDF (one page/paginated). This works - but I can not tell a storage location within DT, which would be convenient, so I have them in the global inbox. Is there a better way?

Is the option to select a group (see Preferences > Import > Destination) enabled?

Ah! Thanks, I got it I searched for this in DA not in DT. No it works fine. Thanks a lot!