Downloading PDFs from multiple web pages on a site

There was a previous post (now closed) about downloading PDFs from a website using DEVONagent.

It specifically relates to using the linked document feature for downloading PDFs from a single web page.

I wish to download a series of 250 PDFs from a website with a hierarchy i.e. ‘reports’ URL, that has 250 daughter pages. Is this possible in DEVONagent?

Many thanks.

As this is not really a search, a download manager (e.g. the one of DEVONthink Pro/Server) might be more suitable. E.g. add the URL of the first results page (and the other ones) and use these settings:

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Not only the best Mac software but the best support too!

The solution is working like a dream. Many thanks.


You’re welcome :blush: