Downloading PDFs from University Library

I’m wondering whether anyone else has encountered this problem. When I download a PDF through my university library, using an ezproxy login, and display the PDF in browser, if I use my “Add PDF Document to DT” script, I only get an image of the library error page saying:

Library Access Error: Please Try Again
Please use your web browser’s Back button to return to the last library web page you were viewing before seeing our Remote Access page. Then click again on the link to the resource you want to reach.

So I have a lot of images of my library’s error page, but only PDFs that I have directly downloaded to my desktop and then imported into DT.

I am using DTPO 2.0.

This is a big deal, since 3/4 of all of my work is through my library proxy.

Any help is appreciated.

Use the Print Dialogue instead and save the PDF to Devonthink. That should do it.

If the PDF is displayed in your browser, it will also probably work if you choose “File > Save As” and choose the Inbox place in the Finder as the destination. That should send the PDF to your Global Inbox. If, however, the PDF is encrypted, the “print as PDF” to DTPO would be preferable.