everytime I download something from DevonThink it creates a folder with the url and the file downloaded and a file with rhis name: DEVONtech_storage. It is possible to avoid all this and download the file alone instead? Thank you.

If mean export from DEVONthink see this related topic:

DEVONtech_storage files

On the other hand, I have a problem with true downloads fron within the DT browser. I have a number of RSS feeds that I check daily, including MacZot and MacUpdate. There are times when I want to download a trial copy of the featured application. I click on all the correct buttons (same as if i were using Safari) but there’s no indication that a download is taking place and I can never locate the actual file that was downloaded.

I have Safari (and Camino and Firefox) set up to download files to (surprise! :laughing: ) the Downloads folder. I’ve been told that DTPO uses the same path that Safari uses but when I check my Downloads folder, the expected file is not there. :angry:

Using Spotlight or Find File doesn’t turn up the file in some unexpected dark corner of my hard drive.

Comments and assistance would be most helpful as I always have to switch to Safari if I want to download a file.