DPI setting for PDF Zoom


is there a way to set the base DPI size in DT3 which will be used to calculate the display size for PDF files when pressing Cmd+0 (100% zoom)?

And I also want to ask, if “Fit to window” can be configured that way, that it does not disable continuous scrolling?


Fit to Window is just non continuous display plus automatic scaling whereas Fit to Width is continuous display plus automatic scaling. In the end the View > Zoom menu just maps the generic commands/shortcuts to the options supported by PDFs (see Preferences > Files > Multimedia)

Thanks for your answer. So there’s no way to override this behaviour with hidden defaults write commands?

Then, please add “Fit to height” to your list of feature requests. :wink: Well, with continuous scrolling, of course.

That would really great, so I don’t have leave DT for viewing and annotation. I often need to view the whole pages for navigation and to have an overview. In DT3 this currently breaks scrolling/page-turning by mouse.

We’ll consider this for future releases.

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