DPTO: What's your email archiving workflow/script/cycle

Hi all

I have rather huge personal mailbox on GMail and very extensive email communications in the office. Both accounts can be used from Apple Mail (though I usually use them from web interface or other clients). I find DevonThink’s search capabilities being very good - I usually locate my mails way faster via Devon than via email service’s web service… that is if email messages I am looking for is imported to Devon.

Trouble is Archiving mailbox with thousand of mails takes minutes just to click through the File -> Import -> Email -> Apple Mail folders (for some reason DevonThink imports nothing if I choose to Archive the root of the mailbox). And therefore I do it rarely, inconsistently and have trouble with searching for the recent messages.

Is there anybody who archives large mailboxes regularly? How do you do it?

  • Is there something wrong with my installation that I cannot archive whole mailbox with one click and have to choose folders one by one?
  • Do you have some scripts to run Archiving automatically every night or something like this?
  • Or what do you do?

My solution is quite simple, I remove emails from the client after archiving them. Another possibility to speed this up is to move the emails to local mailboxes before archiving or to use smaller mailboxes instead of one large one.

Hmm, even if you delete emails after archiving them, you still need to archive them at some point, don’t you?

Or do you receive all your email to inbox only (no subfolders) and archive-delete from there without any labeling or moving to folders?

If you archive a mailbox into a DEVONthink database, subsequent uses of Archive Mailbox will only import new emails. It won’t import previously imported emails (though this is possible with DTPO’s Preferences > Email > Previously imported will become replicants).

My problem was that somehow DevonThink wasn’t able to Archive the whole mailbox in one click, I had to select one folder at a time. But now somehow it works again, I selected the whole mailbox and DevonThink is importing thousands of messages now. Go figure. Maybe I was misclicking something.

That said I would still be interested in figuring how to automate import to run it e.g. every night.

It’s always better to import sub-mailboxes when possible.

Sorry, I am not sure what submailbox is :confused:
I have a gmail account with lots of labels - these are not counted as submailboxes, are they?

See this…