Drag and drop into gmail no longer works with google inbox

I’ve used gmail for a long time, and have been able to drag a file directly from DT into the compose window to attach it to an email. I just switched to google inbox, and now, I have to drag the file from DT onto the desktop first, and then drag it from the desktop to the compose window in order to attach it. It doesn’t do anything if I drag it from DT direct (the file just disappears).

I know this sounds like more of an inbox problem than a DT problem, but since it used to work in gmail, I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about this, and why the file can be dragged and dropped into gmail but not google inbox. I would love a work around if one exists.


Do you remember what caused this? E.g. an update of the browser, of OS X or of DEVONthink?

The current issue was just the move from gmail to google inbox. In the gmail compose window, I can still drag and drop files from DT directly. In the google inbox compose window I can’t (google inbox only lets you drag and drop in one kind of compose window, but it doesn’t work in that one, even though I can drag and drop files from my desktop just fine).

I know it sounds like a google inbox problem (and it is), but since I don’t think they will change it, I was wondering what would be different about the dragged files in one case and not the other, and whether that was something I could change in DT. They must be behaving differently for google inbox to know the difference between a file dragged from DT and one dragged from the desktop.