Drag and Drop Outlook mail - if source email in Outlook is later deleted

I am dragging emails out of Outlook and filing them in Devonthink. Once in DT I see the email path back to my Outlook. I am wondering if DT is reading from that path when I later read that email or if it is truly in DT regardless of whether the source email in Outlook is deleted.

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AFAIK email is not indexed, but imported - so I would expect it to be in DT regardless of what you do with the original. Why don’t you simply test it with an unimportant mail (don’t tell me you haven’t got any :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)?

(I don’t use Outlook, so can’t test this for you, sorry.)

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Importing copies the files. DEVONthink is not presenting emails from your filesystem.