Drag and Drop Web Page

What’s the best way to get web content into a DEVONthink database as a web archive?

Ideally, I’d like to drag and drop a URL right into the database and maybe even the folder where I want it. When I do that however, I get a “bookmark” but what I really want is permanent storage of the content as a “Web Archive.”

I know that I can “convert” the bookmark to another format, but that seems a lot of steps. Makes me think I’m missing something fundamental.

Appreciate any help you can offer.

– Robert

You can use the browser extension, Clip To DEVONthink (available for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome).

Note: Due to the way many sites dynamically load data from remote servers, a webarchive is not necessarily the best option nowadays. YMMV

Thanks for the quick reply, Jim. I’m aware of the extension, though sometimes drag and drop just feels more natural. If the extension is the right way to do it, however, I can live with that.

That’s a great thought about the downsides to Web Archives. What’s the perferred way, in your view, to capture web content permanently? I’m not overly concerned about formatting, I’m more interested in being able to refer to content that may one day disappear.

Thanks again for your reply!

– Robert

I use a mix of PDFs and webarchives. I usually base it on the site I’m on and spot-checking a capture from new sites. I still use a ton of PDF captures, but it’s a mixed bag since it can include irrelevant info, depending on the site.

Got it. Appreciate the thoughts. If you could lob in a feature request for drag and drop support of URLs (as an alternative to using the browser extension), I’d appreciate it.

– Robert

No promises, of course, but the request is noted.