Drag&Drop Adobe CS5.. Finder and other tall stories..

I wish I could drag and drop images (bitmap or vector) from DevonThinkPro into say InDesign for example… unfortunately the title of the file gets dropped as text instead of the file itself… meaning every time I want to do this I need to first reveal my file in the Finder and drop from the Finder… It would be very useful as I tend to keep all my media files (images etc) in DT databases.

Speaking of which… I wish you had an option to “reveal in PathFinder”… I did set the PathFinder prefs as “Default File Viewer”… but somehow DevonThink does not “obey”…

Thanks !

I don’t have InDesign, but I can drag and drop images from RTFD documents as well as individual image documents to other applications just fine. The apps that I do this with most are Acorn, Preview, and TinyGrab.

I also have Path Finder set to be the default file viewer, and the ‘Show In Finder’ command in DTP does reveal documents in Path Finder. I am using Path Finder 5.2.2 on Leopard, so perhaps there is a difference with the more recent, Snow Leopard only, version of Path Finder.

I confirmed IahH’s experience, with DTPO 2.0.6 and InDesign CS5, that drag and drop from DTPO to InDesign results in the file name and no image.

A workaround: open the image in its own window in DT (Cmd-O), select all (Cmd-A), copy (Cmd-C). Then in InDesign, paste. Annoying extra keystrokes, but for now it works.