Drag Files with url in the Devonthink pro to messenger app will drop url but not the file

I downloaded a file from internet and imported it to my Devonthink pro 3, it shows a file with a url. Here is the my question: When I dragged this file to send it through a messenger app, it dropped the url to the messenger instead of the file itself while the files without url do not. Anything I could do to drop the file but not the url of it? Many thanks!


Which one?

Thanks buddy. Indeed, it seems it is the messenger itself. I tested another messenger app and it won’t drop as url.

And we still don’t know which messengers you’re talking about. The information might be beneficial for others stumbling upon this thread, don’t you think?


WeChat is the most opaque, buggy and resource-hogging social media client on this planet. It is lackluster in terms of features but consumes more RAM, CPU and storage than all competitors combined. It uses your device as the file server – the only way for you to access your account history is to have everything stored locally, photos and even videos included. QQ, the earlier social media project by Tencent, was found to scan entire hard drives without the user’s consent. Many suspect WeChat is doing the same, although censorship makes it hard to talk about concrete evidence.

Rant aside, the advice: don’t use WeChat for the sake of your own data privacy. Or at least, only ever use its File Helper in a web browser on your Mac, and do the rest of your work on a work phone.