Dragging Firefox URL to DT doesn't work properly

I am sure this has been raised before but when I drag a FF favicon to DT and then click on the entry in DT, I don’t get the actual page but rather just a blank page with the active URL. In Safari this action results in an entry which works properly; that is I click on the entry and then see the page.

Any way to fix this or is this just a FF limitation?

There’s a recent thread about this in the Beta DEVONthink subforum titled “Saving bookmarks by dragging”. Folks who posted there might want to publicly repost here …

Is there a link to the beta forum???

In Firefox you have to select the address in the address bar (e.g., by double-clicking inside the address) then click-hold-drag the selected address to DT. That creates a bookmark. If you just drag the favicon from the Firefox address bar to DT you get what you described.

AFAIK this is Firefox behavior only. It’s also been reported here that others don’t get the same results, so it might be Firefox + something mechanical on the local machine. It has nothing to do with DT.

Alternative: the DT “make bookmark” bookmarklet works the same in Firefox and Safari.

I had already tried that and it doesn’t work; same result as dragging favicon

Yes, but this only creates the link in the Inbox…I want to drag to specific folders.

…and the opposite is true here … which is why I wrote that there might be something else going on (but I don’t think it has to do with DT)

If you have set the DT “Import” preference to “Destination: Select Group” then with the bookmark bookmarklet and the other bookmarklets you get a HUD that asks for name, tags, and lets you select the group. It’s more work than a simple drag, but it gets you where you want to go.

Hmm…longtime DT user but I never looked at that preference…thanks.

Problem is that it is multiple steps as opposed to one but I guess nothing I can do.

Too bad as that is the only limitation on Firefox in my work.

V2.0.3 will include a workaround for this “feature” of Firefox.

Great news…thanks