Dragging Mail messages into DT

I’m experimenting with using DT Pro 1.5.4 in new (for me) ways.

I keep scanned receipts in a DT folder. But since some receipts are emailed to me, I’d like to be able to drag those messages from Apple Mail into the Receipts folder in DT. When I drag the Mail messages, however, I get a document that consists only of a link to that message, not the actual message itself. That means it doesn’t get indexed and show up in searches. Is there some way to import the actual message itself, and not just the link?

I should add that I tried using DT’s File/Import/Email, and it did identify the folders within Mail, but every time I selected a folder, it would shut Mail down.

Does this work better under 2.0? And is 2.0 stable enough for me to start using now as my main database?

Thanks in advance …

If you drag emails, DTP converts the email (at least in Entourage Mail) to an RTF and does not bring in the attachment. If you use the email import function it brings the email in its proper format (in Entourage’s case as an eml file extension) as well as the attachment in its original file format. I don’t have any issues with the import other than you get the spinning ball for a few seconds as it syncs with the email program/folders during which time you can’t perform another action in DTPro and the fact that some of the emails don’t appear at first until you scroll the page. What I tend to see is a partial list of emails, blank space, a partial list of emails. Once I scroll the window all are visible. Don’t know if this helps.

I know very little about email handling, but re:

My experience has been extremely positive thusfar. I was a pre-public beta tester, so I’ve been using it for a couple months. Although there’ve been quirks in some behaviors (and some people on the forums have reported losing their PDFs’ names), the overall database has been stable – no corruption, no errors, etc, and I’ve pretty much stress-tested the hell out of it.

That being said, it is beta, and I’d recommend being careful with important/critical information. Also, there might possibly be database changes coming up (I’m not affiliated with DEVONtechnologies and have no knowledge of their roadmap – this is pure conjecture) in the final version or something else that might mean that you’d have to convert your database again.

It’s ultimately just a matter of your personal judgment.