Dragging pics from Safari results in bookmarks now?

Is this intentional? Lately (I don’t remember since which version exactly) all pictures that I drag into DTPO get stored as bookmarks and nothing I can think of corrects this behaviour. I am expecting the picture to be stored as a file like it always did. Are others experiencing the same? I noticed that people see this with entire webpages http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13265
This may or may not be related.

Is there a solution?

thanks for the bug report, the upcoming v2.1.1 will fix this. In the meantime you could drop the images e.g. to the Sorter.

Speedy response, as always. Thanks for the workaround, too.

This is still happening for me. After v2.1.1 it was fixed for a short while, but now dragging images creates bookmarks again. I would love if this were fixed because I save a lot of images. A one step process would save me so much time.

Also I’d rather not use a different web browser because Safari seems to be the only one that allows me to take and append rich notes to DEVONthink using keyboard shortcuts.

I agree with @travelight8, the results are strange. I tried this on a small sample of news sites from Safari (The Atlantic, NY Times, WSJ).

In each case, for the same image from the selected site:

  • Dragging the image to the Global Inbox slot in Sorter results in a .jpg import
  • Dragging the image to the Global Inbox group in Tools > Show Groups & Tags panel results a .jpg import
  • Dragging the image to the DEVONthink icon in the dock, and then selecting the Global Inbox when the group selector panel opens, sometimes results in a .webarchive and sometimes results in a .tiff (size is about 20x the .jpg size)
  • Dragging the image from the page in Safari directly to an open group in DEVOnthink sometimes results in an RTFD and sometimes results in a bookmark

Strangely, each method results in a different file name for the same image.

I also tried this with Yoink (drag to Yoink, drag from Yoink to DEVONthink) and get .jpgs every time.

In version 2.3.4 dragging images from Safari directly into an open group in DEVONthink seems to create jpgs for unlinked images or images that are linked to the image’s source location and tiffs for all other linked images.

I would still prefer images retain their original file type under all circumstances, but this is definitely an improvement over bookmarks, so thank you!