Dragging some databases to another computer: So easy?

I use DTPO2 on my MacBook with some databases.

Now I own a new iMac, I want to copy my databases from the MacBook to the iMac.

It was pretty easy: I just drag one database out of my MacBook’s database folder (in the Finder) to my iMac’s database folder (in the Finder), than use the menue “open database” and open the new database in iMacs DTPO.

My question: Is it just so easy, or will this produce some problems later on?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, if your database is self-contained (Import-captured from the Finder), it is that easy. :slight_smile:

Of course, if your database has Index-captured content, those items cannot be viewed or printed unless the linked external files were also copied to the other computer so that their Paths remain correct.

fine. No index, only import data.