Dragging text to create new note; how to Move?

When you highlight some text in a text note (maybe in other elements too) and you drag it to the sidebar you get a fresh note with the first paragraph break as the title. I’m finding this very handy, much better than “split” for my workflow. Now the text is just copied and not moved. I’m wondering whether there is a key combo I can hold down to make the text move instead? Also, when I return to the note, using the back arrow, I have to find my spot again in the text. Pretty annoying. This is a general problem I’ve found with DTPO 2.x . It forgets where you were in a note when you switch back to a note you were working on.

Try dragging your selected text to any location you wish in the floating Groups panel (Tools > Show Groups).

You won’t lose your place in the source document. :slight_smile:

For some reason, like Rodney Dangerfield, the Groups panel doesn’t seem to get much respect. But it works well for capturing clippings into any open database. The source can be selected text in a document inside OR OUTSIDE a database.

When I’m using the floating Groups panel to capture material from other applications, I keep it minimized in the Dock when not in use. Within DTPO2 there’s a keyboard shortcut to show/hide it.

Amazing tip! I’ve not been making enough use of the floating groups panel and hadn’t thought of that. Thanx a ton!