Dragging unsorted groups weirdness

I’m using the latest beta DTPO and was trying to move around groups in the 3 panes and split view under the unsorted option and I am getting some weird behaviour. For one thing, I can’t drag a group to the top even though the little line shows. Also, the inbox doesn’t drag reliably. In 3 pane view the database I’m working on won’t even allow dragging to move groups! Very weird. Actually, what I notice is in one database unsorted is not permitted in 3 pane, in the other database it seems to permit this, but has no effect. Everything is in alphabetical. I have apparently succeeded in moving groups in split view, with weird problems with the top of the list and inbox, but then when I switch to 3 pane it shows everything in alphabetical. 3 pane doesn’t permit me to move any of the groups that have been ordered in split view. Is unsorted just not yet added to 3 pane? Why am I getting this as an option in one database but not the other? Thanx

That’s correct.