dragimage from browser should put image in database not link

Devonthink Pro used to import images dragged from Safari or Chrome as images. I find that since the last point upgrade, it always imports a link to the image rather than the image itself. I strongly dislike this behavior, and prefer that the image be imported into the devonthink database, with the URL of the image set to the URL in Safari…

I’d prefer this went back to the old behavior, or that we be given an option as to whether we preferred dragged images to import the image or a URL to the image.


see also Dragging pics from Safari results in bookmarks now?

Actually the behaviour of DEVONthink is the same since version 2.1.1 but the latest Safari updates seem to provide different kinds of data during drag & drop. Version 2.3.4 should handle this.

Thanks Christian!
Sometimes the little things make a HUGE difference. This is a biggie for me! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!