Dragon Dictate Friendly?

Has anyone had any experience using DevonThink or DevonThink Pro Office with Dragon Dictate 2.5?

I am interested in finding out whether DevonThink can be controlled to any degree by Dragon Dictate and also if it is possible to dictate directly into DevonThink TXT or RTF documents using Dictate.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks

Is Dragon Dictate compatible to e.g. TextEdit? Then it should be compatible to DEVONthink too. Or you could download a trial (devontechnologies.com/download) of DEVONthink and test this on your own.

I thought that I would post an update to my earlier questions regarding DT and Dragon Dictate in case anyone else is interested in using the two programs together.

I went ahead and purchased Dragon Dictate which I use with DevonThink Pro Office version. I can say that the experience has been very satisfactory! Yes, it is possible to dictate text directly into the text files of DT with the speed and accuracy of results as if working outside of the program.

I also found that it is possible to dictate text directly into fields e.g… the titlebar of a document, properties and meta-data - which is a really useful feature.

In fact for heavy duty users of DT think as myself I can say that being able to free the hands up to navigate around DT whilst dictating text via a USB headphone set has dramatically speed up my workflow.

I have not as yet configured DD to control the more complex features of DTOP but it is possible to perform standard menu-based tasks using the DD command system.

Thanks for the report on this.
One of the biggest hindrances of document management and research is the speed at which we can get data collected and entered. Often this is limited by motor coordination, including poor typing skills (of which I am a victim :smiley: ) and cross-application movements (drag and drop, while fast still requires gross and fine motor controls). Nicely, we can usually talk faster than we type (though slower than we think. We need Dragon’s neural interface! :laughing: )

I think I might bust open the wallet and finally get a copy of Dragon Dictate. Cheers! 8^)

I’m finding Dragon Dictate to be speedy and accurate for entering text and even for editing it. But it’s more difficult to get it to do certain tasks, such as making a selection italic or even saving a file. For many tasks, it’s easier to go ahead and use the keyboard, then cache the document again. I find I don’t have much patience with getting it to learn when to type “cache” instead of “cash,” for example,.

As is often the case with DevonThink itself, it’s too easy to set out using the tool and then end up spending valuable time trying to figure out how to do some dinky little task. All these programs do marvelous things and have great features, but even easy learning curves sometimes get in the way of productivity.