Dropbox and Devonthink

I use DB a great deal to organise and share my documents. I work with a large number of collaborators all over the world, and use DB to share files with them. Often a project folder will be created by my collaborators and my work folders will sit within the folder structure that they have created. Getting my clients to share using Devonthink is a non starter, particularly as I add a new client every month or so. Is there a role that Devonthink can play for me here? If I was working alone without sharing files I could see it being very useful, but I’m not clear how it could work alongside DB. Any thoughts?


Ben, if all of your collaborators are going to continue using Dropbox for file sharing, then you will not want to take your files out of Dropbox and “the folder structure they have created” and put them into DEVONthink. So, you can index those files and folders in DEVONthink – letting you view, search, and edit the documents using DEVONthink

I’d suggest you download the trial copy of DEVONthink and see for yourself.

The subject of “Dropbox and DEVONthink” has come up very frequently in the forum - so I’d also suggest using the “Advanced Search” feature of the forum to locate related threads on the topic to see others’ advice and opinion (mainly opinion 8) ) You might also want to search for “indexing” and read the documentation in Help on that. Finally, if you want to get deeper into using DEVONthink for organization and tracking documents I’d suggest the tutorials in Help > Support Assistant and/or Joe Kissell’s or David Spark’s books on using DEVONthink in one’s workflow.

Thanks for the link to your work – very nice.