Dropbox and Global Inbox


I want DTPO to sync automatically the global Inbox and a specified Dropbox folder in order to keep them synchronized, so that every change in global Inbox is immadiately transmitted to the Dropbox folder and vice versa.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Friedrich

You would have to index a folder stored in Dropbox into your Global Inbox. You cannot put the Global Inbox into Dropbox.

Just curious, but why do this?

I am using on iPhone the App Scanner Pro by Readdle. This app allows to save the files of scanned and OCR’ed documents into an specified folder on Dropbox. In my case this folder is Dropbox/Scans.

I want DTPO to supervise Dropbox/Scans and to import or index automatically each file which has been added or changed.

At the moment I’ve indexed Dropox/Scans in the Global Inbox. So I just have to re-index the group/folder Dropbox/Scans in order to see files which have been added or altered in Dropbox/Scans by mobile devices.

I want to see directly in Global Inbox all files in Dropbox/Scans and in their respective current state.

Kind regards, Friedrich

:question: What do you mean by, “I have to re-index the group folder…” ?? If you indexed a Dropbox folder into your database, it updates when you select it and choose File > Update Indexed Items or open the group in DEVONthink.

That’s what I mean.

Kind regards, Friedrich

There is no more “automatic” way to do this.