Dropbox: Can't create folder of database "Inbox", path exists already

I know there has been some discussion on a similar message for iCloud, but to me this happens since a couple of days:

15:54:20: Dropbox (dt3.dtCloud …) Can’t create folder of database “Inbox”, path exists already.

Occurs every three minutes; preferences show that sync to Dropbox does work for some databases, but not for the Inbox.

Thanks as always for enlightenment.

In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, select the sync location, Control-click the database in the Databases list on the right, and choose Clean Database. After the clean is reported in Window > Log, re-enable syncing the database and see if the message recurs.

Thanks - as I am used to with DNT customer support, the suggestions were easy to implement and solved the problem completely. What a joy in these uncertain times!

Glad to hear it.
Have a great week! :slight_smile: