Dropbox + DT mobile

I’ve found that indexing files works better for me because the PDF annotations I add in DT show up wherever I view my PDF’s. And I keep my files in Dropbox for access wherever and across devices. But this doesn’t work for DT To Go. Would it be possible to give this mobile app Dropbox support so I could continue my work on mobile devices? I love my tablet but I don’t know how to make DT useful on it.

No, this is not possible. DEVONthink To Go does not support indexed files.

What’s preventing you from continuing your work
The records are sync’d between DT and DTTG and can be worked on with either platform

What @DTLow said. My database files are nearly 100% indexed and I use DEVONthink to Go on my iPad as my primary device. Documents created or modified on the iPad are then synced back to the respective indexed groups on macOS.


I have annotation links in RTF files (not indexed) and I am not able to follow those links to the PDF’s on iPad.

Nor can I create new links.