DropBox, DTPO and "NSURLErrorDomain -1001"

Hallo, everybody!

After a (great) time syncing DTPO with DT on my iPhone using Bonjour, I decided to switch to DropBox sync, primarily because I can reach my dBases without being in reach of my Mac.

I choose DropBox because it’s cheaper than other services supported by DevonThink (I wish iCloud Drive sync between macOS and iOS will be implemented soon…).

Now, the problem(s). I’m trying to “upload” for the first time my dBases. Given that many of them are quite big (10-14 Gb) and I have some “big” files (some even are 4-5Gb, but there are many between 100 and 400 Mb), I can easily understand that DropBox goes in “Timeout”.

Is there a way to solve this “-1001” problem? On some dropbox related forum I read about some chunk-maker script, but I don’t know if it could fit DT way of uploading.

Thanks for any help!

PS: No, I can’t set big files aside… 8)

Are you attempting Dropbox sync over WiFi or cellular? (If the latter, you must have a phenomenal data plan :open_mouth: )

This is an inherent weakness of any remote Sync location, especially if you are trying to push that many gigiabytes of information. There is not an unbroken, free-flowing pipe between your computer and a cloud provider’s servers. Additionally, cloud services have slow / unresponsive servers as well as employ bandwidth throlttling and limiting concurrent connections to control their bandwidth.

You could try reducing the Max. Connections in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync to 8 or less.

Well… over Wi-Fi. :smiley:

Thanks, Bluefrog. Will try and report ASAP

As Dropbox doesn’t use more than 8 connections (only WebDAV uses up to 16), I’d suggest to try 6 or 4 connections depending on your upstream.

Thanks for giving me the reason of the “downgrade” of simultaneous connections as suggested by Bluefrog.

I just switched to 2 connections and I’m not getting the “-1001” error anymore. We’ll see on the long distance (I still have a few gigs to upload).

Update: after trying “Max. connections” to 2, 3, 4 and 5 I can tell that everything works. I had some problems with 6 concurrent connections, so I decided to stay with 5.

Thanks everybody for you help.
Hope this post helped any other user with this issue.

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Thanks for the follow-up.