Dropbox Folder

I have been using simplenote/notational velocity for plain text files. It occurred to me it would be useful to try and store all these in Devonthink.

I actually use dropbox to store simplenote text files. I have figured out I can index them in a folder/group and synchronise.Then I can read any note created outside devonthink (once synchronised.) in Devonthink

However if I create the note in Devonthink itself it doesn’t sync back to dropbox because it is an indexed folder/group.

Any suggestions for a work around on this.

Just some additional thoughts on the above.

I suppose I am looking for a way to drag a folder (i.e dropbox), into Devonthink and for it to behave like the finder for that folder.So any change that are made are done so in the original folder.

Just use the new contextual/action menu command “Move To External Folder” for the created notes.