Dropbox sync and firewall fail

Unfortunately my work IT has blocked access to all cloud storage and I cannot sync from work.
What is aggravating, though, is that DT attempts to connect to Dropbox opening up a page in Safari, and after that, when back home I have to redo a login, two factor authentication and allow DT to access Dropbox.
Is there a way around that (other than not using Dropbox)?
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Sounds like your work IT people were serious about you not connecting to Dropbox. :wink:

Is it the work laptop that is having trouble connecting to Dropbox? If yes, then probably need to get help from them about how they blocked access and apparently removed credentials. Frankly, it’s unlikely they’ll help as they probably don’t want your work laptop to connect.

If it’s your personally owned computer at home, then perhaps work IT did something to your personal Dropbox account. Naughty if true, but I doubt it. But a mystery. Do you need synching at that point? Is there another machine involved since synching at work is defeated?

Before connecting work laptop to the company network, perhaps deactivate syncing via Dropbox so that it does not even try?

I think it’s all down to what IT did to your computer. But at that point I’m out of ideas. Maybe Dropbox can help. I doubt this has much to do with DEVONthink. Just a hunch.

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@rmschne’s ideas are sound and I would suggest disabling the Dropbox sync at work since it’s not going to work with the IT limitations in place.

You potentially can sync to a local sync store on a thumb drive or portable hard disk you shuttle between machines, but I would discuss this with IT first as it could also violate security policies.

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@ rmschne
Thank you for your suggestions.
I can probably figure out a way to block dropbox sync when on my work network with keyboard maestro,
Otherwise I will play it simple and remove Dropbox sync in favour of Bonjour (will need to switch networks at work to sync though).
I am syncing to DTTG, not another computer.
Question: with Bonjour, sync are only manually started or also automatically upon DB update?
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Bonjour updates on the same interval set in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync.

Also, note Bonjour traffic may be limited by IT as well. And again, I would check with them to make sure you’re not running afoul of company security policies.

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Thank you for your advice - I will use the visitor’s network as only my Mac can connected to the work one !