Dropbox sync and working with Windows

Hello everyone. I have a question about Dropbox sync and the possibility of making files available on a Windows pc.

Now, I use DTTG (version 2, for the time being, so maybe version 3 is different) mainly to search around notes, articles and the like, so I can easily search in documents aside from annotating them. However, I also like to backup pdfs I have annotated to an external USB drive, which is basically my library, and I keep only stuff I’m actively working on in the app (and on my iPad). Unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac, so passing files from tablet to laptop is quite clunky. I have tried Dropbox sync, but I can’t really see the actual files in Dropbox without DTTG, so the problem remains.

The question is, then, is it possible to place a database in Dropbox from DTTG, so that files can be accessed and modified from Dropbox (browser or Windows)?

If it’s not possible, and somebody else is in a similar situation, is there a way to work on files from Windows without manually moving them back and forth? Is there a solution I’m not seeing?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome @lollo

No, this is not possible.
Also, DEVONthink To Go doesn’t support indexing files, i.e., outside it’s own sandbox.