Dropbox Sync Issues

Software: DEVONthink Personal (Both computers)

I’ve got a database on my laptop which I wish to sync across both my computers. Having just got my new desktop, and having never used think before (I upgraded for the sync feature) I added a dropbox account on the laptop, and said ‘Sync Now’.

I followed the same process with the desktop, adding the same dropbox account and once again saying ‘Sync Now’. Timing for both is set to manual.

The issue is when I try and sync, I say “Sync with database…” and after attempting to fetch them it responds with the error “No databases were found”.

I’ve attempted to completely delete the dropbox app folder hosting the DEVONthink information and redoing the process a number of times, still with no luck. I’ve also tried options such as ‘Clean location…’ but once again it hasn’t seemed to help.

I’ve also tried direct connection just to see if I could get anything working - but again numerous errors stopped that process as well. I’m primarily looking to use dropbox so I’ve focused on that for this post.

Any ideas? Seems crazy that it’s becoming so difficult just to sync two databases. Help very much appreciated.

Have you run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for possible database errors? If errors are found, Run Tools > Rebuild Database—afterwards, check the Log (Window > Log) for a list of items that failed to be included in the rebuilt database, and save the list for future reference, if so.

Thanks for the response.

I hadn’t previously tried the repair, but I just did then.

A window pop’s up for half a second and then disappears (I’m guessing verifying the database and finishing almost instantly). Due to lack of prompting I’m assuming no errors were found. I checked out the log anyway and there was no entries in it, so nope it all seems ok on that end.

Any other ideas?

Please start a Support Ticket.