Dropbox sync limitations


Recently migrated to a new computer. Dropbox and Backblaze naturally went into overdrive but the Dropbox re-indexing is glacial. Have several hundred thousand files/document on drive as well as several DEVONthink databases (1-4 Gig in size) to sync. Dropbox window tells me I have some 1,300,000 files to go after 2 days of pretty high network activity - down about 100,000 since start.

Checked the Dropbox support pages - https://www.dropbox.com/help/space/file-storage-limit - and found that Dropbox is not comfortable syncing more than 300,000 files. Yikes.

DEVONthink continues to sync normally but the folders and files from desktop are not being synced.

Started to look for other sync channels. iCloud not possible as I need DTTG access, Box appears to be an unreliable option from reports on the forum. I am not knowledgeable enough to set up a WebDAV server. So willl probably battle through these Dropbox concerns. But would be interested to see if others have had any issues with the Dropbox sync.

Steve J

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

https://www.sync.com looking good.
A bit cheaper with more storage (2TB) for the same price as DB.
In Canada - ie not the USA.
Far few bells and whistles but can cope with that.

Now just have to sort out an alternative to Dropbox for the DT syncing. Then will move on.

Note that sync.com doesn’t offer WebDAV services, in case you were wanting to use it with our Sync engine. (Or perhaps you know that already.)

Yes. Had spoken to them about this.

Apart from CloudMe and Box, any other services recommended to run WebDAV?

Did you exclude the DevonThink Packet Sync folder in the preferences of the Dropbox app? In addition, what’s the total size (see File > Database Properties) and number of all items in all databases?

This page lists many WebDAV cloud services:

free-online-backup-services … es/webdav/

And via CloudDAV even cloud services not supporting WebDAV can be used:


12 databases being synced
Total size of all: 13.7 Gig
Total docs: 35,515

Have excluded the DevonThink Packet Sync folder

Thanks for the reply! In that case the sync store shouldn’t cause the huge amount of files.