Dropbox sync problems

I’ve had huge problems with syncing via Dropbox in the last couple of months. I am using a Macbook Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and had no problems syncing these devices until about 2-3 months ago. I contacted DT support various times and went through a number of Dropbox sync store renewals with complete new transfer of my three databases. I also did various database rebuilds, optimization and other little tricks I was told to try - without any success. The data does not sync properly and I keep getting reports from the log file saying things are not working properly.
I have now focused on just my main machine and continue to store things in DT - hoping that the issues can be resolved later. DT support says they are kind of aware of these problems that some users have - but they don’t have any influence on solving them. I am really puzzled because syncing has worked almost flawlessly for years since I have started to use DT.
Has anyone experienced similar problems - and maybe resolved them using some secret sauce?

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tried Bonjour for doing local sync? database sizes within reason (bigger takes longer)? Enough storage space on IOS devices? Did Dropbox support tell you what changed 2-3 months ago? any change in your devices?

fyi Dropbox sync works fine for me as does using a WebDav server (local not via Internet as I have no need). all three work.

Same problem here. Dropbox sync became completely unreliable several months back. I assume Dropbox changed something as there have been lots of similar posts. (Dropbox file store works fine it just doesn’t seem to be reliable as a sync store any more)

iCloud doesn’t work very well for my ordinary files so I didn’t try that. I ended up using my own NextCloud WebDAV server (I have a VPS running mail etc) in parallel with Bonjour sync. I’ve had no problems with this set up.

My experience with using an encrypted syncstore on a remote WebDAV server has been good. No problems at all for the four months I’ve been doing so.

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I have the same problem. DT and Dropbox worked very well but since summer it doesn‘t work well any longer.

Curious: Paid or “free” subscription to Dropbox?

It worked so smoothly till summer and now I cannot use it any longer. Aaaaaaah!

Well there goes one hypothesis. Sorry. At least a new clue about something maybe happened at Dropbox 2-3 months ago. Probably impossible to find out.

Sorry to report, I’m having no problems with Dropbox Sync. Running simultaneous with it is Bonjour and WebDav (Synology) running on local server. Going to a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad.

Check that you have sufficient space on all devices (and in Dropbox). How much is sufficient? Dunno. Depends on how much data you are transferring.

Insufficient space is another hypothesis. Remember it probably (I’m no expert nor do I know internals of the Dropbox sync engine) it probably takes more space (more than double? maybe?) than consumed by the databases. Probably not going to fix it, but maybe worth just looking at it. The more data you sync the more time it takes. I don’t sync all the databases.


I have the same problem and Ive tried all fixes. DT sych deteriorates after a while, i.e. it works then goes out of sync.

For some Dropbox not reliable. Works for me. I know DEVONthink hasn’t changed anything and I know Dropbox changes things much more frequenly. Not to attribute blame, but to just give the reality.

Regardless of making an external sync service work for you, good to setup Bonjour as it’s fast and very reliable. Works only inside your own local network. I have it running alongside my Dropbox sync.

Try another sync service, e.g. iCloud, a WebDAV server (internal or external). Look at the volume of data you are trying to sync. If the target is an IOS device, consider cutting back on the volume of data unless absolutely req’d.

Finally, only sync if you need to.