Dropbox syncing problems between Mac and iOS

I recently got DT3 to use with DT mobile. However, I ran into a number of problems.

First, the Dropbox syncing in my mobile devices supposedly didn’t have the correct encryption key so they wouldn’t sync with my Mac. I created in turn a new Dropbox location, which is running on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

I’ve created a couple of new databases in DT3. However, these don’t sync with the iPhone or iPad.

Iphone and iPad content is synced among themselves, but it doesn’t match the content on Mac.

I created 1 database as a test on iPhone, and another one as a test on iPad. None of them can be found when I click on Settings/Sync/Dropbox/ Name of Backup. They don’t appear in Dropbox on the Mac either.

The new databases from DT3 don’t appear either.

Any advice on how can I get the 3 devices to communicate? When I force a sync on all of them, they supposedly work, and I don’t get an error message in any of them.

After all these attempts, I now see that the Dropbox backup on Dropbox […] Devonthink Packet Sync is at Zero byte size. Im’ guessing this is a huge reason for the problem, but I have no idea why is the file at zero when I clearly have files saved.

Thanks for help getting this to work!

Could you please select the Dropbox sync location in Preferences > Sync and post a screenshot? Thanks.

You should not have a local Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync folder on your machine.
In the Dropbox application’s Preferences > Sync > Selective Sync, press the Choose folders to sync. Make sure the Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync folder is unchecked.

Do you have more than one Dropbox account?