Dropbox syncing

Today I’ve been experimenting with putting my DevonThink Pro database (about 350MB) on Dropbox (a front-end for Amazon S3 storage that gives you a local cached version of your files) and using that facility to provide access to my laptop when I’m not in the office. Seems to work OK but I wonder if anyone’s tested DropBox more completely and found issues with it?

I have discovered you can’t have the database open on 2 machines simultaneously (since the database “lock” file is sync’d by DropBox as well!).

Using DTPOffice 2.0 pb1…

In general I’ve found Dropbox to be pretty stable software. I use it regularly, but mostly for single files. I have found some problems using it with Scrivener, which stores in packets, i.e., a folder of rtf and other files make up the scriv file. Sometimes, it does not bring across all of the files and I have read posts from others who have had newer files overwritten by older files when syncing similar database packets. I haven’t experienced that, but for now I don’t sync databases with Dropbox.

You definitely can’t have the database file open on 2 machines at one time. I could imagine this creating a real mess.