Given Dropbox’s recently announced choice of board members, i wonder if you can provide a n alternative for cloud syncing?

If you are referring to options in the Sync procedure, the various cloud host applications each have APIs that differ, so that each option may require programming development. Dropbox is a specific option, as it is at this time the most widely used. Other cloud hosts may be available in the future.

That has nothing to do with board members or political issues.

As for me, because of the size of my DEVONthink Pro Office databases and the monthly bandwidth limitations imposed by my ISP, neither Sync via the cloud nor cloud backups would be feasible. Just the initial upload of my standard suite of databases would blow my monthly data allotment. In any case, I prefer to be in full control of my data and backups. I maintain backups offsite using a pair of portable drives that are rotated and stored at my bank’s safety deposit box. If necessary, I can retrieve all my files much more rapidly from such a backup than if they were stored in the cloud.