DSE Downloading All Dropbox Smart Sync Files

Is there a way to prevent DSE from downloading all of the “online only” Smart Sync files in Dropbox?

DSE is indexing files on my Macbook Pro for the first time, but it’s downloading all of my Dropbox Smart Sync files which have been marked “Online Only”. This is quickly eating up all of my SSD storage.

None I am aware of. This is the first report we’ve received.
Note: DEVONsphere Express will not index the content of files that are not local.

I’m content to have DSE index whatever information it can glean from whatever placeholder files exist in the place of the “Online Only” Smart Synced files - even if it’s just the file names.

Even if it were to skip over the Smart Synced files, that would be fine.

I have a serious issue with DSE taking it upon itself to download those files locally, however. As I said: this is quickly eating up my SSD storage.

As I said, this is the only report we’ve ever received on this so the behavior is neither expected nor unexpected. Development would have to assess this.