dt 2.0, multiple databases and sorter

Do I win the prize for first dt2.0 thread?! (it looks great, btw). I’m trying to use the sorter. I have 4 databases open. If I drag something to “inbox” it doesn’t seem to show up in any of the databases. When I right-click on “inbox” in sorter I get the “open group” option which does, indeed, open the inbox of one of my databases, but nothing seems to get put in there. Am I doing something wrong?

Please read the release notes in the online help and the “Upgrader’s User Guide”. It is all explained in these.

No, you are not doing anything wrong. The global inbox is not yet functional. You can drag the inbox/other folders from your database into one of the empty Sorter panes.

Oh, bother. Sorry to waste your time. I did check the help menu before posting.