DT 2.0 Upgrade/Downgrade

So the beta is out and so I’d like to get going on it now. But I’m wary of using the beta for fear I won’t be able to move back to my current DT, v1.5.4. Does it change the structure of the database in any way.

Any other caveats, things I should back-up, etc?

– Gerry

A copy of your database will be converted to the DT2 format when opened with the beta. The original (1.5x) version of the database is preserved, so you can go back to it. You cannot convert a DT2 database into 1.5x format, nor can you open it with DT 1.5x. Also, as a precaution you will not want to keep a copy of both the beta2 and 1.5.4 applications on your drive at the same time as they both have the same Services menu items.

Many thanks for the precise details needed to talk me out of it!

I have no mission-critical need for DT just now; I’m just greedy…

– Gerry