DT 3.0.2 Barcode recognition

According to 3.0.2 release note, it will recognize barcode on the first 4 pages of a PDF. I tried converting PDF with barcode on first page to searchable PDF, even though it’s already a searchable PDF, but it did not recognize the barcode. Furthermore the file have been compressed with lower image quality, even though I explicitly configure it to not compress PDF in the OCR setting.

Which version of macOS do you use? This requires at least High Sierra as macOS performs the recognition. Or just send a copy of the file to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com and I’ll check this. Thanks.

I have macOS Catalina. I can’t really send the document because there are PII in it. Why not just describe how it works or provide a doc for example?

macOS doesn’t support all kinds of barcodes but if one is recognized then it’s added to the custom metadata, see Preferences > Data and Tools > Inspectors > Info > Custom.