DT 3.01 cannot create new Database in a Dropbox folder

As title states, tried to create a new DT 3.01 database in a Dropbox folder in my system disk. Nothing happens. When I tried to create a new “Test” database in the old location (system/users/username/databases) worked fine. Any ideas? Further, I note that in the DT Finder window, the Dropbox folder icon is greyed out.

From the user guide (also available in app):

Note: You cannot create or store a database in a cloud-synced folder, e.g., iCloud Drive or Dropbox. This is not data- safe so the behavior is explicitly disallowed. The advocated location is a folder in your home directory, like ~/Databases. If you try to open a database in one of these locations, you will be prompted to let DEVONthink move the database, or reveal it so you can manually relocate it.


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